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Cases against for cheating gas consumers

HYDERABAD: Legal metrology sleuths conducted surprise inspections at LPG bottling units of IOC and HPCL at Cherlapally and registered three cases against the agencies for duping customers by filling less quantity of gas.

During inspection of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinders at IOC's LPG bottling unit, legal metrology sleuths found that there was shortage of 60 grams of LP gas in each cylinder.

As the unit fills 3000 cylinders each day, the sleuths estimated that customers were duped of Rs 1.38 lakh per day through the fraudulent practice. They sealed a weigh bridge at the bottling unit for operating without the approval of the department.

Another team inspected the LPG bottling unit of HPCL and found out that in the 19 kg LPG cylinders (commercial), there was a shortage of 29 grams of gas in each cylinder.

Pertaining to these violations, the legal metrology sleuths registered three cases against IOC and HPCL, Cherlapally bottling units, under sections 18, 24, 30 of the Legal Metrology Act and rules 19 and 20 of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules.

Controller of legal metrology, S Gopal Reddy informed people that it was mandatory for gas supplying agencies to weigh the cylinder in front of the customer before handing it over to them.

"Action will be initiated against the violators and customers are requested to make any complaint in case of LPG short filling and not weighing gas cylinder at the time of delivery, by calling on toll free number 1860-425-3333 or texting on 9490165619 or by emailing at ," Gopal Reddy added.

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