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Consumer LawMan is an initiative for consumer awakening and resolving consumer complaints.

CLM offers: Online platform to consumers for raising their voice against defaulting companies and corrupt officials.
Provide single point source of accessing diverse Indian Legal and Business information that help users make critical decisions
Proof Reading of Insurance Policy, Real Estate/Property Documents.
Online database of law practioners with their area of expertise
Provide latest information on consumer law, Land Mark Judgements & Bare Acts through online & social media
Redress consumer grievance by out of court settlement and reduce load on the consumer Forum’s

Sorry, We won’t be able to assist your request since we do not work on success fee basis. We have a fixed processing fee for the service we provide. In order for us to start working on your complaint, we need you to file your complaint on our website and pay at the same time.
Payment can be made via credit cards/debit cards or net banking.
As soon as you submit your complaint and pay online, one of our representatives will call you to understand your complaint. Once all the details are collected, the representative will contact the company the same day and notify you via email. From that day onwards, the representative will provide an update via email, on our website, and by SMS. Typically your ticket will be closed within 30 days (though in some cases it might take longer). At the end of the 30 days, the representative will send you the complaint documents and close the ticket.
No - there is no guarantee that your complaint will be resolved. We provide our services on best-efforts basis. From our experience we have seen that companies do respond favourably to genuine complaints based on our interaction with them because they want to reduce customer dissatisfaction levels as well. We follow the 5 Step Process to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the work we have done.
We have successfully served hundreds of happy customers in the past and we are confident of the quality of our service. However, if you are dissatisfied with the 5 Step Process, you have complete liberty to request a refund from us within 30 days of filing your complaint provided you give us a reasonable explanation for your dissatisfaction. Based on the matrix of your complaint, we will be offering you either a credit note or cash refund after making appropriate deductions. Please note that NO refund will be processed in cases where the customer provides wrong information or withholds important/relevant information related to the complaint.
Our revenues are dependent on the number of visitors to our website. The more visitors, the more revenue for Consumer Lawman.
No, we don’t, but we assist our clients in preparing documents for filling their cases. We have detailed information on our website that helps consumers file cases in the consumer court. But besides that, we do not directly involve in any legal matters.
No, we do not directly provide any legal advice.
You can read our privacy policies in the terms and condition section of our website. We do not sell or reveal your private information to anyone under any circumstance. We protect your information using state of the art encryption and security protocols so that nobody can steal your data from us.
No. Consumer Lawman does not encourage or discourage consumers from buying any product.
The first step to a consumer complaint is to qualify yourself as a consumer. If you consumed (bought, paid for, and/or used) a product for personal purposes, domestic purposes or for earning your livelihood, then you are qualified as a consumer. The product can be tangible goods or intangible services.

After you consumed the product, if any of your expectations were not met in the product, you have a consumer complaint. Your expectations may not be met because either the company selling you the product omitted / misrepresented some information did not meet something promised, or the product's quality / reliability / durability was poor.

There are also circumstances where you have not actually consumed the product, but you can still have a consumer complaint. For example, you observe an advertisement where a company is willingly falsifying facts about a product. Another example would be when you wanted to buy a product, but did not buy it because the merchant was charging more than the maximum retail price (MRP). All these qualify as consumer complaints.

Our customer support team, with their expertise handling consumer complaints will help you strengthen your consumer complaint in terms of its content and format. They will also guide you on how to effectively communicate with the company regarding your complaint.
A copy of your complaint with optimized content will be sent to the company in a professional format through an electronic notification, as well as from courier. Subsequent emails are also sent when the status of the complaint changes.
Absolutely yes. Through each step of the process, we will keep you informed via phone and email.
For you to contact another user, we will need to reveal to you the personal contact details of that user. This is a violation of the other user's privacy. So we cannot provide you the ability to contact other users on the website.
The vast majority of companies, when presented with your complaint, are more than happy to resolve your complaint, either because they value your business or they value their reputation on our consumer reports that have huge consumer and media attention.

However, occasionally we find little or no cooperation from some companies in solving your complaint. Since we are a private company with no statutory or regulatory powers, we cannot force a company to respond to or to resolve your complaint, nor issue any legally binding outcomes on your complaint.